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About Chrome’s named windows

Since Google Chrome v88 (Jan 2021), browser windows can be given a name via the ... > More Tools > Name Window... menu item.

Name a Chrome window

Each window’s name is visible in menus, the Dock and—most usefully—the “Application Windows” switcher (accessed via ctrl + down or a configured desktop hot corner).

Application Windows showing window names

Each window’s name is used as the label (instead of the HTML title of the active tab):

Application Window label

This is useful if you use Chrome windows to group related tabs (which is how I work). It’s best combined with the tab grouping functionality which lets you assign a visible name to the window too:

Tab group name

Rather than click through the menus, it’s possible to assign a more convenient keyboard shortcut for naming a window using MacOS’s “App Shortcuts” functionality:

name window chrome shortcut

Note, you don’t see the window names in the Navigator view (ctrl + up), only the Application Windows view.