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How to easily disable a CircleCI workflow

Sometimes it’s useful to only run a subset of CircleCI jobs after each commit to a pull request branch.

For instance, if you’re working on the packaging step of your test-package-deploy pipeline, speed up your feedback loop by only running the packaging jobs after each push.

This can be done by adding a temporary commit that disables the main workflow and adds a custom one running only the jobs you care about.

You can disable a CircleCI workflow using the when attribute:

# .circleci/config.yml

version: 2.1


    # Define a custom workflow that only runs the jobs you're interested in.
            - build_job_1
            - build_job_2

    # The standard (but slow) workflow that normally runs on each push.
        # Temporarily disable this workflow
        when: false


Make sure you rebase out this commit before requesting review or merging the pull request; it’s just a crutch to speed up development.

See CircleCI’s docs on using when in workflows.