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AWS target groups fail open when all instances are unhealthy

In normal conditions, an AWS load balancer will only route requests to healthy instances in its linked target group. But a “fail open” policy is applied if all targets in the target group are unhealthy. From the AWS ELB docs:

If a target group contains only unhealthy registered targets, the load balancer routes requests to all those targets, regardless of their health status. This means that if all targets fail health checks at the same time in all enabled Availability Zones, the load balancer fails open. The effect of the fail-open is to allow traffic to all targets in all enabled Availability Zones, regardless of their health status, based on the load balancing algorithm.

This came up at Kraken Tech where an unusual misconfiguration caused all instances in a target group to become unhealthy, and I was initially puzzled as to why new instances — which had never passed their health checks — were serving production traffic.